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Jun 15 2013, 12:15 AM
Alright my dearies!!! I am out as of tonight through sunday afternoon ill try to post through my phone of.not monday will poat

Jun 8 2013, 11:55 PM
Alright so i have a few characters that i am dying to get out and about so i need a few more threads No.... Coyote isn't on this list this time haha. I put links on the names so you can see them as well. So i am like making up to three threads a bit more manageable for myself but welcome to more depending on the character <3

Tai-two threads one more needed
Lola-one thread poor thing two more threads
Jaxx-no threads need three or so
Zi- only one thread two more needed
Callen-no threads at least a few haha
Colt- two more threads only has too*such a cutie!*
Nikoli-no threads so one or two or three
Isabella- no threads needs a few
Kalea- no threads could use a few
Violet- one thread have a plot idea
Jun 8 2013, 07:53 PM

    It was such a snowy beautiful day out and it proved to be the perfect scenery for a girl to play blackmail on her younger sister. Ashes knew a few things about her sister one being the fact her parents didn’t know what happened when she fought a girl over a guy and put her in the hospital wing. Sure it was kind of evil of Ash to do something like that but she had a little letter that she intercepted before it reached their parents. The girl may not have been too smart but she was clever on getting things before they went home. It was how she avoided all the major yelling arguments, and the fact she used Callen’s address to send things home. She stood in the owlary waiting for her sister Jaida to show up as she watched her routines of every day. Sadly the older sibling didn’t have much to do other than watch the habits of her siblings or hang out with Callen’s their older brothers, friends. Ash knew for sure if she sat in the window and waited long enough she’d find her sister there. A few first years however were walking up the stairs. “Ugh get the fuck out! The owlary is closed to all first years so scram!” She yelled at them and they ran down the stairs fast. Alright so the oldest sibling wasn’t the nicest girl around Hogwarts but she wanted to have a private moment with Jaida.

Jun 6 2013, 12:22 AM

    Ashes hated mornings as it was usually they were long and her hair was all over the place. Most of her friends were always out and they drove her crazy if they were there. The dark brown headed female woke up stretching a little before throwing on a pair of jeans and a tank top. She knew most of the slytherin girls were at breakfast which made time for her to do her studying. The seventh year couldn’t study with people in the house because she would get distracted with all the chatting and being random. Alright so Ashes was typically loud but she was a bit hung over from the whole party from the night before. She decided it wasn’t worth going to the breakfast table and face up with the people who were there she couldn’t bare to see again. Well alright for a day she’d end up being back with them again sooner or later. She sat with the scrolls spread out but fell asleep right on the top of the table. Alright her head was down on it but she was passed out cold. There were footsteps which woke her up quickly as she looked around trying to see who was around her.

Jun 5 2013, 11:37 AM

    So this is kind of a huge family request in the sense of its crazyyy haha. Ondska Family is a family from Northern Ireland who has about six children, the Oldest being 25 and the youngest of thirteen. They are an awesome family but not to close except for well Ashes and Callen who are the oldest and have a mutual understanding. Their parents are purist, and help out with the death eaters as much as they can. There is no limit on their money that they earn.

    Callen Draken Ondska: twenty-five. Oldest of the family tends to shy away from his siblings but is always there to give advice. Doesn't have a job but lives in Hogsmead. He was the only one to be born in Sweden and for the factor he is in to music. He's really chill laid back and such a doll. closet to Ashes. taken by artemis

    Ashes Jett Ondska: Seventeen slytherin. Second oldest of the family. She litterally suffers from ADD and has a case of where she is always distracted and moving around. She is closer to Callen. She is the trouble maker of the family and the school. She is loud and can be annoying for her family. She though thinks a head of everyone and enjoys the family time she has with everyone. She tried to be the peace keeper of the family rarely happens. The second rebel of the family taken by artemis

    Ondska-male-seventeen- Seventeen Gryffindor. Third oldest of the family by a few short minutes. He is the twin to Ashes and really hates being associated with her. He is calm and relaxed when confronted with tasks. He find that what his sisters do aren't really something that he should be involved in. Callen and Him don't get along and often ends in a few fights, although he will make sure things between him and his older brother are good. He sometimes goes for advice on how to calm their sister down. He is very protective over Ashes and his younger sisters and doesn't let any guy break their hearts. He is tough.
    Taken by rachel

    Onsdka-female-fifteen, Fifteen Ravenclaw. Middle child of the family and probably the most serious one. This female takes school pretty serious burring herself into books and not really caring to much about life. She is very smart and has a tendency to be a bitch to the rest of her family. She keeps Ashes and Callen both in check when something goes wrong she tries to be the one to make it better. She hates her younger siblings with a passion and takes a lot for granted. She thinks like her parents do about mudbloods. Although she likes vampires and werewolves a lot.

    Ondska-female- fourteen, Fourteen Hufflepuff. The youngest of the family and the happy one. You never see this girl with a frown on her face. She is always happy and cheerful and nothing ever seems to go wrong around her. every one thinks she's perfect except for her crazy family and the fact she is dealing with a huge problem. She found herself wrapped around a boy who cheated on her and she went crazy and well beat up the other girl. Otherwise she rarely talks to her family and claims nothing to do with them. This girl is her parents favorite.-taken by Christy
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