When the peace of the Wizarding World has begun to shatter, are you ready to help pick up the pieces? Hello, and welcome to Are You Ready, a post potter role play set in 2024; Hogwarts has been taken control of by a small group of rogue Death Eaters, threatening to kill both students and professors should the Ministry fail to please their demands. We are an established roleplay, opening originally February 9th 2013, going private for a short while in July of 2013, and re-opening to the public September 2013. We are a no word count site, with a small application; fun and awesome, we hope you enjoy your stay!
welcome to are you ready .
August 31st - Some finishing touches to the restoration; grand re-opening tomorrow!

August 30th - Restoring the site!

so here's what you missed .
All content [plot, rules, application, face claim, other claims] are all owned by proper owners.

skinned exclusively by darren criss. aka becky @ atf, caution & shine. toggle cbox code goes to kismet. we would also like to thank darren criss for the amazing mini profile which was created exclusively for AYR.

roll the red carpet .

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ϟ Rileykins
 Posted: Feb 8 2013, 09:13 PM
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please remember when registering to register with your characters FIRST MIDDLE AND LAST NAME in full uppercase letters. if you make a mistake please do not hesitate to ask an admin to fix it.

regarding characters; we do not have a character limit, we only ask that when you make vampires/werewolves/half-veelas and the like, that you don't have more than two max. please keep gender ratio's even, house ratio's even, etc. if the staff see that you're falling behind in activity with one or more characters, you'll be asked to drop them. we allow all sorts of plots here on AYR, so do not feel like you need to 'think inside the box'.
* staff asks that you do not hog 'popular' face claims.

regarding graphics & posting; here at are you ready we don't have a word count or a set site plot, which gives our members the freedom to write as much [or as little] as they want. we only ask that you do not post one liners. with graphics, all avatars should be 200x300 and signatures should be no larger than 500x300. gifs are encouraged but not mandatory :]
* we ask that you post with all your characters at least once a week.

regarding everything & misc; no godmodding, powerplaying and please dont talk in chatspeak. staff members are flitting about making sure everyone has a good time, hence why the rules are a little loose rather than strict. we do in fact have a three strikes your out warning system, and we would love not to use it :]
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darren criss. @ atf, caution & shine.