When the peace of the Wizarding World has begun to shatter, are you ready to help pick up the pieces? Hello, and welcome to Are You Ready, a post potter role play set in 2024; Hogwarts has been taken control of by a small group of rogue Death Eaters, threatening to kill both students and professors should the Ministry fail to please their demands. We are an established roleplay, opening originally February 9th 2013, going private for a short while in July of 2013, and re-opening to the public September 2013. We are a no word count site, with a small application; fun and awesome, we hope you enjoy your stay!
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Sep 9 2013, 12:57 PM

    The Hogshead seemed to be doing alright on its own without their infamous bar tender throwing random fights with people. Kalea sat on the roof top of the bar where she could stare at the night sky and not be bothered with people. It was her new hide out as she found a later to bring her up this high. Sure the roof was slanted but she felt weird being up there but she knew someone would find her eventually and when they did they would probably ask her to go back in. The brunette wore a pair of jeans that were just below her hips and her boyfriend’s t-shirt; which she tied up so it showed a little skin off. Kal loved taking Scott’s stuff and it showed when she would go to his place she would wake up and walk off with his shirt. She heard yelling below her and peered over the edge seeing these two men fight about something. She quickly jumped off the roof and landed on her feet. The young female stood up and smiled a little stepping in between the two men fighting. “Boys! Stop fighting or I am going to have to take you both down and that wouldn’t be fair now would it?!” She spoke pushing one away from the other. They both looked at her and shrugged a little and started walking their separate ways. Kalea let out a sigh of relief know that was over with finally. She heard foot steps from behind her not sure who was coming. “I know I am leaving as well.” She spoke and turned around to see who was there.
Jun 30 2013, 08:54 PM

It was probably the best day that was happening to Kalea was here. It was the day she finally would get to go on a date with Scott without interruptions from their work or her family visiting or anyone really. She started in her apartment decided she wanted to look her best for the man of her life. Things between them finally got out there where she admitted she loved him and he admitted he loved her back. Of course that only took her threating to leave hogsmead and go back to her country to get him to say it. Kal thought she should dress outside of the typical bar stuff she was seen in all the time. It was time to switch it up and she threw on a skirt that was a bit short on her. The Hawaiian cursed having long legs but no skirts fit her to where they covered her legs. It was the whole rant why she didn’t wear the skirts but that was another story. She wore a pretty silk corset top that was low but she loved wearing tops like this. Kalea throw her hair up in a bun before putting heals and rushed down the stairs. Her heals clicked as she walked down the stairs from her apartment. It was where she was meeting Scott which made things entertaining. She walked towards the Shirking Shack as it’s the place she told him to meet. She figured a picnic inside would just be the perfect place. Kalea had spent a few hours before making it look cute and romantic so she could spend time with her lover.

know you seen it but its pretty

Feb 23 2013, 07:39 PM

A sound of wind blew through Hogsmead as the wind and snow was falling gently to the ground. A brown headed girl wearing a short skirt and a shirt that reached her stomach with a black cloak to cover body walked through the streets. Her name was Kalea Skye and she was a Hawaiian native who was given the chance of a life time to live in Hogsmead. She was a bar tender for the three broom sticks and well she was on her way in to work that night. It would be typical that people would hit the bars on a night like this where they would get drunk. Only issue was being a female she had a lot more issues with the men hitting on her than most. She sighed a little opening the door and walking past a full house of customers. Kal headed towards the back of the bar taking off her cloak and putting on her apron so she could take orders. She walked out of from back and headed over to start taking orders. “Hey baby why don’t you come over here and I’ll show you a good time.” This man spoke to her in a drunken tone. She grabbed a mug that was full of beer and walked over to the guy. “Oh so you want me… You know something baby I have a nice mug here of beer. Why don’t you call me when you’re more mature for your age?” Kalea said harshly before smashing the mug over his head. Of course that only provoked his friends who walked over and grabbed her. “Really?! Ugh.” She said with a sigh before too long she was punching and throwing guys twice her size on to the floor. Kal was pretty good at fighting, and was trained since she was younger.

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