When the peace of the Wizarding World has begun to shatter, are you ready to help pick up the pieces? Hello, and welcome to Are You Ready, a post potter role play set in 2024; Hogwarts has been taken control of by a small group of rogue Death Eaters, threatening to kill both students and professors should the Ministry fail to please their demands. We are an established roleplay, opening originally February 9th 2013, going private for a short while in July of 2013, and re-opening to the public September 2013. We are a no word count site, with a small application; fun and awesome, we hope you enjoy your stay!
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Fallon was nervous. He hadn't been in a serious relationship since school because he had been so busy with Quidditch and now he's a teacher... rubbing his face he took a breath and counted down. This wasn't a relationship yet. It was just a meeting; he was just meeting up with her again. Lola. He smiled at the thought of her name, as he changed into some clothes. He had his flat to himself for the first time in a long time, and Fallon was glad that it was clean enough to entertain people with. Sitting on his couch he took another breath and tried to calm down, attempting to rationalize this 'meeting' as his heart beat wildly in his chest.

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Over-glorified, under-personified, ultra-capitalized; words the eldest Avery child cared little for. Everett rubbed his head as his Potions homework ran into mush before him, making the slightly tipsy Slytherin reach for his bottle of Firewhiskey. He had been drinking on and off most of the night since dinner ended, and without seeing Dominique to quell his temper, the eldest Avery slunk into the commons with a seething ticking time bomb anxiety. Homework. He had to concentrate on homework. Commonswork, really, since he spent more time at school than at his own home. He looked back at the piece of parchment and felt the urge to burn it up flare within him, instead he blotted ink all over it, ruining the homework effeciantly.

<p><b>“Fuck,”</b> he sighed, chucking his expensive eagle feather quill onto the floor with a flick of his hand. Everett wasn’t in the mood to deal with this shit; he wasn’t really in the mood to do school. He honestly just wanted to drink, and be with Dominique, something he rarely felt like with his other many flings. He smirked, thinking back to when he had woken up beside Rose Weasley. That had been an interesting night. He had been drunk enough not to care, but sober enough to remember it. Would Mimi take kindly to his previous escapade with her own cousin? Too bad she was in her own common room seven floors above him; she didn’t have a say in what he thought about tonight now. He grabbed his bottle and took a healthy drink from it, hardly wincing as the whiskey burned contently down his throat and pooled in his belly.


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hey you, long time no talk!

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fallon moved from the classroom, closing the door behind him. he had taken on a side class for a little while; it was just muggle studies, and he only taught it once a week. he longed to be in the air, back on his broom. he only taught flying twice a week, so this was an additional class he had. he didn't want to be babysitting hunter and he didn't feel the need to return to italy just yet, considering the summer months were over. he turned back to the classroom and sighed, realizing he forgot his cloak. he went back in and grabbed it, studying the room for a short while.

<p>(ooc. i know its short sorry.)

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one line of lyrics to describe your character, no caps

    fallon aiden mcnamara
    NICKNAMES none.
    AGE twenty five
    YEAR ---
    GENDER male
    SEXUALITY heterosexual
    FORMER HOUSE ravenclaw
    CURRENT OCCUPATION flying professor/professional quidditch player
    CANON no
    ORIGINAL yes
    PLAY-BY chris hemsworth


    Fallon used to be in Ravenclaw; he was smart and intelligent and knew he would have to make a name for himself should his parents and their never ending money supply wear out. Born into an aristocratic family [think Malfoys but 5x more paranoid about their name and bloodline] Fallon was named such from his great-grandfather, the first generation of McNamara's. Their line is only four generations old, but it's as pure as it's going to get. Fallon graduated and moved out into their summer home in Italy, where he was drafted into the local Italian Quidditch team. He's on his way to becoming a star player; he's an outstanding Keeper and because of this they bumped him from the reserve team to the full team.

    he only works on the team during the summer months, but makes an exceptional paycheck when he does. Since graduating he's applied for the open flying professor spot at Hogwarts, which he was given to without much question. He now works full time at the school - he has his own flat in Hogsmeade - and spends his summer in Italy playing Quidditch. Fallon is exceptionally close to his "older" siblings [the ones who have already graduated] but is working on trying to get to know his younger siblings as well..
    YOUR NAME riley
    EXPRIENCE 5ever
    CONTACT idjnaj

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